Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Favorite Things: Beach, Bounce House, Surprise Party!

Feb 22, 2023: This day was so fun! After Grey and Rooney went to school, the rest of us headed to the beach! Makenzie had enough bikes and helmets for everyone and felt good to be on a bike again haha! It was just a couple minutes down the road and so dreamy. The sun was out and just felt so good to be playing on the sand. The ocean is so so good, just fuels my soul. 

After we picked up Rooney, we got out Kenzie's bounce house and the kids had the best day ever! Between the beach, bounce-house, tramp, ice cream bars, and fun they crashed hard and the mom's went out to party! Smitty watched the kids and Kenzie got the surprise of her life, her friends threw a surprise 30th favorite things party for her. It was so fun to be out with her friends and just a good time. Makenzie is so beloved and fun to be around, made me uplifted and want to be a better friend and sister. 

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