Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Kenzie's Birthday and surprises! Dana Point!


Jan 20, 2024: Dana Point, California

We flew to Southern California and met up with my sister Kenzie and her family! She picked us up from airport with the biggest surprise— She’s pregnant! 20 weeks along too— it was the best surprise. Cal came out with a “big brother” shirt and was so cute. I teared up, such happy news and so good being reunited with Makenzie! She’s literally the best. 


It was such an epic day, the 20th is also her birthday! So we celebrated from the start, and never really ended. It was a party the whole time! Smitty pulled out all the stops with a really cool cake and went out to the best restaurant, maybe ever? Makenzie got a deep freeze so was fun playing with that and making astronaut food :)

The kids just all got along from the start, it's crazy looking back at this day and pictures and thinking it was the first day together and realizing how instantly the all connected. 

Some shenanigans while Grey finished up school 

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