Sunday, March 24, 2024

Balboa Island

Feb 26, 2023: Our adventure on Monday was Balboa Island, it is this cute harborside community in Newport Beach close to where Kenzie use to live. We walked the cute shops and went to the banana stand and rode a little boat to the Island. Unfortunately, lots was closed on the Island we planned to go to the arcade but things were under construction. We still had a blast and the kids found a massive sand pile on the walk back and we all had a good time. I loved this little outing and the fun memories we were able to create together.

bahaha I love you lucy! This picture makes me laugh

Roo made my day, unlike the boys she was always smiling for the camera and telling me to send these pictures to her mom. 

king of the hill 

Does he not look like a little teenager here? He's growing so fast.

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