Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Caden, Caitlin & Bartons in Japan!

The last week of November my Brother and his wife came to visit Japan! Caitlin went to high school here and we were close with the family when they lived here. She was excited to show Caden her stomping grounds and around Japan for his first time. The whole family has been missing Japan since they moved away and so came back to vacation. It was so fun and have Thanksgiving with them (fancy pizzas) and spend time. We felt lucky to be tag along on a few Barton family adventures! 

Highlights of the week with them: Ramen with Dallin (before family flew in),  Enoshima Island, Yokahama time and "Cup of Noodle Museum," Kawegoe Adventure, and Thanksgiving Pizza Dinner.

Had to stop by Leonard's Bakery for some Malasadas... a Moncur family Hawaii favorite.

Waiting for the pizza... took as long as a turkey, but worth the wait with good company!

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