Sunday, December 29, 2019

Luke Lately

Just a few quotes lately from my favorite two year old:

- (While eating minestrone soup, that had peas)
 Luke: "Look mom, a baby watermelon!"
(We obviously don't eat enough peas in our home.

“Let’s laugh about it” .... “fake laugh together” 

- (while singing “I am a child of God”)
“With parents KIND-OF dear!”

-(after dropping toe in his foot)
“Ohh my toe! My toe! My toe is soo worried!”

- (While pulling the beanie over his eyes)
 " It's too sunny"

- (Running laps back and forth in house)
Mom: "Luke, how did you get so fast?"
Luke: "NIKES"
(funny thing, he wasn't even wearing shoes).

- (Luke LOVES ice, but prefers the "sonic" type ice. At a restaurant with huge chunky ice. "Cut the ice, peeze"

Mom: Luke... what do you want from konbini (7-11)?
"RICE!" (everytime, kid request a rice ball for a "snack")

- I was putting him to bed and told him we need to pray. . .
Luke: "I am FULL of praying"
(He says he is "full" when he is done eating/doesn't want to eat. . . so didn't want to pray).

- Luke wanted to eat all 7 yogurts (kid loves yogurt, and they are miniature in japan)
Mom: "Can we save a yogurt for dad please"
Luke: "Not save for dad, save for a smoothie. Not Dad."

Mom: "Luke take this diaper to the trash please"
Luke: (looking at it in disgust) "No, I'm scared!"

Dad: "helloo..."
Luke: "I'm not charles" (Riley says "hello charles way too often... for fun) 

Luke: "I want sushi!!!!!!!"
(not too many two year old pick sushi over french fries and hamburgers)

Luke: (tapping my belly) "Mom's belly getting big! Baby coming soon!"

first vending machine hot chocolate of the season!