Saturday, December 28, 2019

December Magic & Christmas!

This is officially our THIRD Christmas we have spent in Japan (4 total living here, but one Christmas was spent in America). It has been the best one yet!! The weeks leading up to Christmas 'felt magical' too-- filled with john legend, gingerbread houses, sugar cookies, and we got our first ever Christmas TREE as a married couple (that isn't made up of paper stuck on the wall ha!) Luke was way more into it, and understood more about Santa coming and Christ's birth. 

It has been a great month! December is still late "fall" and no chance or snow in Tokyo but was great and loved the crisp air. Lots of good memories this month and thought I would just unload my camera roll from this month here. . . 
 This month we made sugar cookies 3 times! We consumed way too much sugar this month.

 "I'm going to bite his head off!"
 Window Christmas Shopping. . . 

 Actual Christmas shopping. . . This was the only moment he wasn't running around the store. Why don't they have real shopping carts here.
 Kenny Stoker and Luke (Gingerbread House Making Activity)

"Mr. Waffles" (one of our favorite stops at train station. Hot waffles!)
 Christmas Party with the Rich and Stocker Family! 
 Ward Christmas Party!
Christmas Eve
 Bed head and tired eyes. Christmas morning!
Luke always wake up around 7, except Christmas morning when we tell him Santa came and he rolls over and sleeps in until 8 

 Christmas lunch = sushi

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