Saturday, March 13, 2021

Children's Park


3/1: It is March! Spring! Lots of pictures from our day at park exploring shinagawa's children park. I can't believe we haven't been here before. It was a good one-- Luke was in heaven in the mud park section, actually all of it. Good day!

Luke Lately:

"mom, i have a sickness... i cant clean up. I can't go to sleep, I just have to sit right here and watch long movies"


"give me some jalapenos and then some milk to cool me off"

"mom, clay is making wrong choices" (Clay knocking down something he made)

Luke has been having a lot of nightmares and bad dreams this year. They started in America and he wakes me up and we pray. I had a tender experience this week when I woke up to him praying by himself vocally asking for help to take away his bad dreams then going to sleep on his own... then i heard him laughing in sleep same night. Hope he will always turn to prayer to "help jesus take away my bad thoughts." Love this kid.

Chronicles of Clay:

- DONE NURSING! YAY! Weaned him off in January and now he is all solids and sleeping though the night (most nights anyways)

- LOVES to eat, has an unusual obsession with food! ALWAYS wanting to eat and see whats cooking and eat whenever anyone is eating. Out eats Luke every single day.

- Always into mischief, pulling out pens to draw on everything, loves seeing skin peak out of bellys and tickling and wresting.

- Loves dad, always wanting to visit him in the bedroom during work. ALL DAY long im trying to keep him out of bedroom

- Loves to be outside, loves to watch and play with Luke

- LOVES balls, really good at playing catch

- walking across the room and taking lots of steps, but still prefers walking on his knees or crawling mostly. 

- LOVES the slide, can climb up and go down over and over and over by himself. obsessed. 

i spy Clay

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