Tuesday, March 30, 2021

march 2021

This month was pretty HUGE for our family. We started out the month still very thick in interviewing and job hunt. We've been wanting something new for awhile now, with covid and different things we just put  those desires on hold and have been so grateful to have a job and the opportunity to live here in Japan. There was a reorg in the company at the end of 2020 and we decided it could be a good opportunity to try to transfer with new jobs openings.  We very much have grown out of our apartment here and really not wanting to move again within Japan. 

We have been day dreaming about Europe headquarters for years, I actually remember us talking about it in Hawaii about six years ago! In 2019 we both visited Europe for the first time. While we were there we made it a priority to go to Amsterdam and check it out.  Riley set up some things and met with a couple people there and we saw the Nike headquarters and walked the neighborhoods and daydreamed some more. We visited the English ward and saw the Netherlands temple. We loved it there and hoped one day we could spend some years in Europe. 

 After lots of hunting and networking and praying and fasting and rejection.... Riley got a new job! It will be a big change for him transitioning into the marketing side of things more but we are moving to the Netherlands!! Lots of mixed emotions. We are excited but also just overwhelmed with how great Japan is! It is so good here. It will be bittersweet to leave Japan.   We will tentatively move in June pending visa process. 

This month was full of cherry blossoms. See other posts if your eyes want to bleed pink. No big injuries to report this month, but it seems like overnight the boys started to fight over little things and pulling them apart. Welcoming the days of being a referee. Clay normally being the instigator of trouble.  Speaking of Clay, he is walking full time and gets SO excited over balls and food, especially food. Luke loves drawing, riding his bike, cars and is especially fond of Curious George, just like his dad was!

peek a boo clay

the futons come out when the weather warms up, you can hear people beating them on balconys 
shabu shabu birthday date

birthday cake with the riley fan club 

hey mom, i picked you this flower.
I get a new flower everyday! Don't ever stop. 
I have a billion of photos just like this on my phone

no flowers without rain 

riley's office with daily visits from Clay

my phone is also full of these japan scenes. This place has my heart.

the urban gardens make me so happy 

the dog lineup under the blossoms 

we made a sushi cake to celebrate the new job

the boys decided they wanted to 'play dentist' this time 

my first attempts at photo panning at night in shinjuku.
not terrible.. cant wait to go again 

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