Saturday, March 13, 2021

February 2021


February has come and go. It was a month with lots of ups and downs. We learned a lot, and looking back at these photos we had a lot of great fun too! These are the days! We somehow managed to have 3/4 weekend injuries: black eye (luke), lip wound and whiplash (mom), and cut open head (luke). All healed up by the end of the month too! The weather was super mild for February, spring is in the air!! 

"Do the trees have the virus? Why are they wearing mask?" - Luke

church from home is my favorite. 

long skinny houses

the temple rock art by Luke

the PB club

literally from head to toe, see those toes.

you got mail! 

we play a lot of lizard these days. I am the lizard catcher and Luke is the lizard and then I take him home and make him my pet lizard and we make a home and sometimes food.

the masks! what a time. 

lizard hunting started here.

art in the park

what blueberries?

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