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Heaven Side! Papa Moncur!

March 10, 2021- My sweetest grandpa left this world today. He is heaven side. Lots of emotions and memories and laughs and heartache right now. As I reflect on his life and endless service, it makes me want to be so much better. He lived so, so good, you know exactly where he is and just want to be worthy to be there with him again someday. So grateful for his example and love. He passed away on Caden's birthday, and our other grandpa passed away on my birthday. Me and my brother had a sweet chat, although it is sad to loose someone it is always a sweet connection and reminder each year to recommit yourself and strive to be a little more like them. There is a sweet memory that keep coming to mind I wanted to write down and remember. 

One tender memory of Papa I love is when him and Nana watched me and my siblings while my parents were on a business trip. I was in my early teenage years. I had a poem that was on my dresser in bedroom I had typed out and written. The poem was written from a dark place inside me, questioning the very existence of God, talking about all the sad and terrible and wrong things that are in the world.

Papa had found the poem and read it and confronted me about it and asked who wrote it. I, of course, so shamed and embarrassed couldn’t admit to writing it and told him a friend did...

I will always remember his response snd reaction: “WELL IT IS A BUNCH OF GARBAGE!” He then proceeded to bear his testimony to me of God, that there is our loving Heavenly Father and his plan of happiness and love and reality.

The funeral service was so nice, such a cool celebration of his life. I have a really neat family! I love them so much!! I was able to watch it online. My friend randomly texted and asked if I was home and said she picked up a box of Cheez-its at base and was going to bring them over.  Cheez-its and tabasco sauce together are my COMFORT food-- and exactly what i needed, she had no idea my heart was hurting and sad I wasn't in the states to attend service, so it was just a tender mercy to me too. Angels on earth. 

Miss you Grandpa. Love you lots. See you again. 

so grateful i got to attend his surprise 84th birthday party this year! 

Life Sketch of Robert Blaine Moncur 

Robert Blaine Moncur was born September 13th, 1936 in Rupert,Idaho to James and Ida Nielson Moncur.  When he was born his Uncle, Robert Moncur, came for a visit.  Uncle Robert tossed a silver dollar in the crib and said, “Get that kid a blanket”. Dad isnamed after this Uncle and still has that silver dollar today. 

Dad was the youngest of 6 children. He had two brothers,Richard and JimmyAnd three sisters, Donna, RaDean, and Hazel Beth. Hazel Beth died of a heart defect before her 2ndbirthday.

Dad had a unique childhood as his mother was bedridden from a serious illness when he was a very young child.  He never remembered a time when his mom wasn’t in bed.  His mother would cook meals from a hotplate by her bedside.  It was the kids’ job to bring her anything she would need. She would also have the kids come to her bedside for discipline and correction.Dad spent all his growing up years and many of his adult yearstenderly, caring for his Mother.  These experiences cultivated compassion and empathy within Dad that would prove to be prevalent throughout his life. In fact, it was the way he treated his mother, that really attracted my mom to dad when they were courting. 

Dad did not get his first hair cut until right before he started elementary school.  With his long blonde curls, people would call him George Washington.  

Dad was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-DaySaints on September 30, 1944 when he was 8 years old.  


He attended school in RirieIdahograduating from Ririe HighSchool and from LDS Seminary in May of 1954.  He was an A/B student except for in his music class where he earned a C+.  This is surprising as he was always very musical… He enjoyed playing the harmonica, could fiddle with ease on the piano, and had a great affinity for all Hank Snow music.

Dad was called to serve in the Western States Mission in September of 1956. He spent 14 months in Colorado and 10 months in New Mexico. Dad was interviewed for his mission by Harold B. Lee and set apart for his mission by Marion D Hanks. He had many choice experiences while serving faithfully on his mission and his testimony blossomed.  

After Dad’s mission he attended BYU for 1 quarter. He then attended Ricks for 1 Quarter. Following this, he joined the National Guard.  During a 6 month period of active duty, he attended cooking school for the Army.  Dad was a great cook!  He made the best fried chicken and white gravy.  And who could ever forget his specialty enchiladas. 


It was during this time that Dad met Joyce Amelia Nelson.  Dad asked Joyce out 4 times, and each time she said no, because she was busy (and she was waiting for a missionary).  He decided he would give it one more try, and she finally said yes! Following a quick courtship, they were married in the Idaho Falls, Idaho LDS temple on February 10, 1961.  

Mom and Dad did not waste any time starting a family as Brian was born on December 6th of that same year! I, Greg, came not too much later on April 7th, 1963, followed by Alane on August 28, 1965.  After a 7-year breakAlison was born on January 16, 1972.  Another 7 years later, Devin was born on August 11, 1979.  Family planning was apparently not their strong point

Or perhaps it was that both Alison and Devin were so strong willed that they needed the extra breaks in between. 

As a young couple, they made their first home at 334 E 21stStreet in Idaho Falls.  From there they had a couple of other short stops before moving into their home at 423 E. 23rd Street in Idaho Falls.  This is where they would live and raise their family for 51 years… creating a lifetime of wonderful memories. 6 years ago, they downsized to a lovely condo on Henryanna Ave in Idaho Falls.  

In his youth and early adult life, Dad really enjoyed participating in church sports including softball and basketball.  He also loved watching basketball and was a big fan of the Boston Celtics and the Utah Jazz.  

When he was first married, Dad worked at the Sugar Factory for a short time.  Then made his lifelong career at that US Post office in Idaho Falls where he worked hard for 38 years. 

Dad’s life was grounded in his testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ and was centered in love and service to his family, friends, and neighbors.  He devoted much of his time to service in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  

After being ordained as a High Priest by Boyd K. Packer, Dadserved in several bishoprics, then served as Bishop of the 15thward and later as a Bishop of a BYU Idaho Student ward. Mom was also able to serve with him as a Relief Society Advisor in the BYU I Ward.  They loved the students and the students loved them!

Dad and Mom were able to serve missions together in the Colorado, Denver South Mission, Idaho Falls Visitor Center, and the Family Service Addiction Recovery Program (in Idaho Falls), where together, they blessed the lives of many, and created lifelong friendships along the way.  They set a true example of discipleship for all their posterity.  

This year, 2021, marked Mom and Dad’s 60th wedding anniversary.  They are an inspiring couple who worked perfectly together.  In a letter Mom wrote to Dad 25 years ago she said,


“I’ll always cherish my patriarchal blessing when the Lord said, ‘The choice you made at the time of a husband and companion to go with you throughout eternity has been ratified and crowned in the House of the Lord. Your Joy and happiness with your husband and family will be complete.’ May we live up to this promise together forever” END QUOTE 

Though dad will be greatly missed, his legacy will live on and I know that one day our joy and happiness as a family WILL be complete.

Blaine Moncur
September 13, 1936 ~ March 10, 2021 (age 84)

Robert Blaine Moncur, 84, of Idaho Falls, passed away March 10, 2021, at his home.

Blaine was born September 13, 1936, in Rupert, Idaho, the son of James and Ida Moncur. He was the youngest of six children, graduated from Ririe High School, and soon after served in the Western States Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Following his mission, he served in the Army National Guard and settled in Idaho Falls where he worked for the U.S. Postal service for 38 years.

On February 10,1961, Blaine married his sweetheart, Joyce Nelson, in the Idaho Falls Temple. They raised five children whom he loved and adored.

His life was grounded in his testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ and centered in love and service to his family, friends and neighbors. Blaine devoted much of his time to service in the church. He was grateful to be able to serve as Bishop in the Idaho Falls 15th Ward and a BYU– Idaho student ward. He and Joyce served missions in the Colorado Denver South Mission, Idaho Falls Temple Visitors Center, and the Family Service Addiction Recovery Program, where he blessed the lives of others and created lifelong friendships along the way.

Blaine was a great friend, an enthusiastic puzzler, harmonica player, cook and gardener. He was also known as a wise leader, devoted and supportive father and grandfather who rarely missed a grandchild’s baptism, graduation, mission farewell, homecoming, or wedding. He was an amazing friend with a wonderful sense of humor.

He is survived by his beloved wife, Joyce Moncur of Idaho Falls; children, Brian (Kendra) Moncur of Idaho Falls, Greg (Celena) Moncur of Boise, Alane (Mike) Macrum of Layton, Utah, Alison (Brigham) Whitney of Provo, Utah and Devin (Drianne) Moncur of Alta, Wyoming; brother, Richard Moncur of Declo, Idaho; as well as 23 grandchildren and 15 great grandchildren.

He was preceded in death by his parents, his sisters, Hazel Beth Moncur, Donna Ker, RaDean Yates, brother, James Moncur, and a grandson, Michael Ryan Macrum.

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