Thursday, July 27, 2023

Scotland: Lochhornhead

Down the longest non-through road in the entire United Kingdom (about a 45 minute drive depending on how many Scottish cows were in the road), was a magical place that was our home for the next two nights. The drive in was stunning. For 45 minutes it was us on a single track road going through a forest, around a lake and then through some cliffs. Was such a unique experience cuz it really felt like our little own private land that we got to share with only a select few. This was our home base for the Isle of Skye so we didn’t spend as much time exploring here as we would have liked, but loved the drives in and out and after dinner and early morning play sessions around the lake. Definitely got us thinking more about one day moving to the country. It was our little Scottish piece of paradise. This would be a must to re-visit on our next Scotland trip. 

Our chariot of fire for the week. 
Just because Lucy matched the bedding

It wouldn't be a roadtrip without some carsickness.... thanks Grandpa Dave for the bags. We had all three kids spewing on our first drive, but the views made up for it. 

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