Friday, July 14, 2023

Stockholm with Colby

July 14th- July 16th, 2023: Colby's last hoorah before he moved back to join the fam, was a weekend getaway trip to Stockholm. It was a blast. We filled in our 2 and a half days pretty full, with lots of walking, lots of delicious Swedish meatballs and good amount of Wimbledon semi-finals and finals watching in an Irish sports bar.  Was a really fun trip and time well spent with Colby, glad we got it in before he moved back to the states. 

Stayed on the 'red boat' which was awesome. Really cheap, tiny room on the boat with barely enough space for our bunkbed. Would definitely stay here again. 

Sent this picture to Alyssa, thought it was crazy to be woken up by the sunrise at 3:38am. 
Probably the highlight of the trip was going out to the archipelago. Stockholm definitely scores points with how close the archipelago is and how easy it is to access from city center. All the little islands were so pretty. We cruised out and got off and went exploring. We rented a kayak and went all the way around the island. It was a blast. Really cool to see all the summer houses and island getaways. 

Went out of our way on Sunday to attend the ward by the temple. Always fun seeing the local wards. The Swedes were very friendly and seemed like a good group. 

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