Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Scotland- Edinburgh

July 26-27 Edinburgh! Scotland has always been on my bucketlist. My dad served his mission here and have always wanted to go back and see the country he served in.  The Eve of our Scotland trip I got sick, stomach bug. I slept a total of 2.5 hours and we took off at 5:30am train for the airport and headed to Edinburgh. It was a rough start. Riley decided to work remotely for two days at our place in Edinburgh so was just me and the kiddos hitting up the city. He got the stomach bug too, but thankfully the kids didn't and Riley was able to get the work done he needed too and we both recovered really fast thankfully and didn’t stop our itinerary. Some highlights of our days here in the city was the National Museum of Scotland, it was awesome for kids and we spent lots of hours here. We also took a “hike” up to cannon hill and saw a great view of the city. We also did the Potter Trail tour, that walked us around the city showing us some of inspiration behind the books Happy Potter and that was just magic. Really enjoyed the tour, Luke even got into it which made me excited to read the books to them in couple years.  

Clay Nelson with a Nelson Tower 

The biggest fan of the double deckers

Long lost Scottish brother of our friend Ryan Inkley

Luke's favorite part of the museum, designing fish 

The Potter Trail Tour really was amazing, so fun to walk the city that JK Rowling spent a lot of her time writing the novels and seeing some of the inspiration behind her books, like this graveyard that had several names from the books. The one below being Tom Riddle :)

after the tour, it was rainy and late and we happened to be next to an asian grocery store and the kids enjoyed each picking out their ramen for the night's dinner

Clay's snail that came with us for half the trip :) 
the church right outside our apartment

village of dean

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