Saturday, July 29, 2023

Scotland: Isle of Skye

July 29, 2023: I’ll let the pictures do the talking for this place, it was pretty unreal. With our limited time on the Isle of Skye, we picked Old Man of Storr for our hike and it didnt let us down. It was a bit crowded for our liking at the start but we were able to break-off from the crowds and enjoy some quiet in the surreal, mesmerizing landscape. Felt like a hike through Lord of the Rings. Definitely will be going back to this place. 

Introducing our Little Lady Lucy of Scotland. 

Hiking with 3 small kids can be tricky. Sometimes you gotta pick your spots and know when to trudge on as a group and when to base camp it and take turns going solo. This was a take-turns moment, thankfully our little basecamp had an amazing view and an equally amazing boulder that kept the kids very occupied. 

I spy Lucy

Eilean Donan Caste- quick pit stop on the way up to the Isle of Skye. 

After the Isle of the Skye we headed off to a small fishing village called Plockton- our bnb host recommended it to 'go see the real Scottish countryside without all the tourists'. It was quite cute and lovely and decided to support their local economy and go on a boat ride that was guaranteed to be free if we saw seals. Fortunately or unfortunately, depends on who you ask, we saw seals. Plockton was a nice little stop for us even if we ended up cutting it all short due to getting rained on and very wet. 

The Scottish Highlands were so pretty it was hard to not stop at every turn and corner to take in the views. 

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