Friday, September 22, 2023

Brugge Trip- Caden & Fam

Sept 22-23, 2023: Brugge is always a good idea! We love the proximity and charm of this cute town from Amsterdam. On Friday we took off and left my boys and we renting a car and Caden drove us to Brugge. Me and Lucy tagged along and we had a great little weekend strolling the cobblestone streets and enjoying the beautiful Bruggee, and of course stuffing out faces with waffles and chocolate. This trip was a bit spontaneous but Riley found us this amazing accommodation, and it was a really wonderful time. 

My cutest backseat babies. 

Caden is the best! Just before he came he passed all his pilot exams and got his license to fly. 

This is where we stayed the night, right by the famous lovers bridge. 

Still so sureal seeing Caden as a Dad! He's a good one, and Caitlin makes one good mom too. Nelson is so smart, and well behaved. He's not even two and about potty trained now. And just was amazed that he was able to stay-up with his parents the whole time, parting hard and traveling everywhere and and never fussed. MVP of the trip. 

hot chocolate in Belgium is a must. 

Then the trip got weird... 
on the way home, Caden saw this massive helicoper and decided to check it out and turned out to be this museum and we decided to do it and spent a couple hours looking at he most bizarre/creepy/unnatural/satanic/interesting things in my life. SO weird.  I think Caden and Caitlin enjoyed it, this is where I found out Caitlin's harry potter hogwarts house is "Slytherin" and it all made sense haha. 

so many birds and guts and animal creations and displays, take me back to Brugge haha. 

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