Sunday, September 24, 2023

Dolomites Day 1!

September 24, 2023: After a very crazy travel day we arrived at Camp Sass Dlania in the Italian Dolomites. It was a long day, our flight was short and drive was only a few hours but with some unfortunate delays and rental car fiasco taking forever we ended up driving through the dark and arrived at our campsite at night. So it was a present surprise to wake up in paradise!! We stayed in these A-frames and woke up with the mountains in front of us with fresh cool mountain air. We spent the day hiking and enjoying the views. We found a mountain top playground the kids enjoyed but walked a lot of miles this day. Caitlin was such a trooper, being far along in her pregnancy and as me and Caden decided we would do trail after trail and try to loop around rather than doing an out and back and went so far. It was a great time, and was so impressed Nelson did so much hiking too. 

I brought the jet boil and caitlin got the oatmeal, made the perfect breakfasts. 

the cabin had this glass window, felt like we were outside sleeping in the woods

texted this one to Riley, the ultimate place to work remote 

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