Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Dolomites: Day 2 (part one: Lago di braines)

Woke up again in paradise! Lucy was the best little camping buddy, I had a lot of reservations taking her honestly (just a really busy age) and selfishly really wanted a kid-less trip with my brother, but she turned out to be the dream buddy and just made the future of girls trips so dang exciting! She was so fun and easy, and is the biggest cheese. Caitlin and Nelson were great too and was a fun crew. I'm way grateful for the time with all of them and this day was the best of the trip! It was so good,  I have to decide it in two parts. The first was our boat and hike at Lago di Braies. Spent the morning rowing through the mountains in kool-aid colored water and hiking around it. 

my view out the cabin

My two regrets of the trip, not bringing my nice camera and not bringing great shoes of Lucy. I kept her in her footsie jammies just because her shoes didnt stay great and was cold. 

poor caitlin having contractions and back pain, she's such a champ

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