Sunday, August 23, 2015

Church Talks, Sealings & Friends

Today makes 3 months of being married!! We got church callings last week and today we had to give sacrament church talks. . . Not exactly how I would choose to celebrate the day, but it was so good after my talk was over though and hearing Riley speak and bear testimony.

Just looking at him up there speaking  was so good, he seemed so natural and spoke with confidence and made me love him more and so grateful to be married to him and for his example. I think I've been writing super mushy lately. But man, he seriously nailed his talk and if you want a good six minute read,  double click on the picture below :)

Also, this weekend we got to go to two sealings of our friends in the Laie temple. My friend Jared Nielsen, from the mainland,  and his wife got sealed and also our good friend Aaron Zakimi too!! It was so good to be in the sealing room and witness those events! Especially, being married so recent... it made them really great and made me love the temple and ordinances preformed and my choice especially too.

Lastly, we had a lot of friends around and family. Christie (one of my good BFs) came to hawaii and we spend some good time together and it made me grateful for so many good people I know and have met here at school.  We went hiking above sunset beach and had some fun talks and game nights, and ate "Teds" famous pie.

 I talked to my sister-in-law Nicole too this weekend for over an hour at pipeline beach and I just love her a ton. It was a good bonding experience for me and made me reflect back to freshman year of college and not really knowing anyone and having to make friends and how hard it is to figure out what to major in, and boys, friends, insecurities, what to cook and eat, and being away from home and all that stuff. Glad its over and on a different stage of life. Really grateful i have such good hawaii friends and family here and the gospel too.

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  1. Aaron got married and sealed? How happy! I miss having the majestic and splendid Laie temple just minutes away.
    That's great Christie got to come and play! Joyous to reunite with the peoples we l.o.v.e! Grateful we're friends Missa Alyssa. Keep writing and sharing the love!