Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Sunset Over a Long Day

Yesterday was an especially long day of work for me. My shift started at 6:45am in kaaawa and Pu'uwai was on high alert for seizures. He was feeling extra aggressive and was pretty difficult to handle. He got a lot of good slaps in and had several mini seizures where his lips turn purple and he stops breathing and zones out. He had a bad body drop too  where his body just went limp and I carried this fourteen year old to the soft carpet and waited for him to start seizing, he didn't though, thank goodness. 

Following my shift, I had a property manager meeting for over an hour with the owners and they went over a endless list of things to do as they prepare to make this 20 bed vacation rental ready. Setting up chairs and bunk beds with tools just seem out of my skill level...

So, I went home tired and overwhelmed and sore from pu'uwai.

When I got home, Riley was there and just made everything throughout the day dissolve. We made chicken tacos together, which was fun, and started the laundry that has been procrasted for the last couple weeks. He went off to the beach after with his twin brothers, he invited me but I was cleaning up dinner and didnt quite feel up to it after the long day. 

After dishes were done, I sat down waiting to switch over the laundry and regretting not going to the beach with them. I put on music and scrolled aimlessly through Facebook updates. My eyes shifted from the laptop screen to the apartment window and the sky was glowing from the sunset. It was beautiful. 

I decided to go out and take a picture and get a better look. As I left our front door, Riley was speed walking up to get me to look at the sky. He left early because the waves were flat and dirty from the flash flood rains. We stood on our second story apartment walk way for a few minutes and watched the painted sky glow around us and temple in the background. It was a perfect close to the day. 

(Picture doesn't do it justice... But it was a really great sunset and moment)

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  1. Good story and beautiful sunset! Pictures don't always represent the full beauty, but it looks so beautiful and pink! And the temple... what a lovely TVA life you live. I'm glad you and Riley can get some good together time. It's the bets. And work sounds hard sometimes! I guess there's always good days and less good days. Meow, you're the best.