Monday, August 31, 2015

The Entire Cupcake

I'm so glad i got the whole entire cupcake.
Frosting: the good kind.
Goodness filled.
Vanilla something.
Homemade with love.
Strawberry topped.
& just all the works.

This Sunday was especially great.
I got asked to be on a panel at church in another ward for a young women's & young mens combined class. There was five of us on the panel and we were the "marriage experts" for the youth. I represented the newly-weds and then the rest of the panel ranged up in age and marriage duration the last panel member being a cute old man at the end that had been married for 60-something years.

It was so fun to be apart of the panel and hear the dating and marriage perspectives through the different generations and the stories and wisdoms. The youth came up with the questions the week before. It was weird to think it wasn't too long ago I was in those same chairs and every other lesson was on dating and marriage. Looking back those years as a youth I now feel so lucky that I made it to the temple... That all those marriage and temple lessons have become reality and that the list I made when i was fourteen years old of attributes I want in a spouse have been met and surpassed. I loved being apart of the panel and feeling the spirit and seeing how far are marriage can go and how far I have come from being that youth in those chairs.

It was neat to hear also from the panel how Heavenly Father was such a huge part of the dating and marriage process for each person.  And how, if we let him, he will guide our lives and marriages forward as we focus and commit ourselves to live the gospel and be united together as a couple with Him in all we do and in our daily decisions.

The young women's leader after the panel discussion was over gave an object lesson to the youth with cupcakes. She had one cupcake liner that was filled with just pure frosting and no cupcake, she had another one with just cupcake and no frosting, and one more with the whole thing put together with frosting and sprinkles on top. She related it to dating and marriage and finding your future companion for the youth. The frosting represented the outside of a person (handsome, athletic, tall, charming).  The cupcake itself represented the substance and inside of a person (hardworking, committed to the gospel, nice, loves family, and so on).  She told the youth to look for someone with both the frosting and the cupcake together. How both are good and so satisfying and great together. I loved that object lesson and am so glad i was married in the temple for eternity and have that entire cupcake with all his
 sweetness and sugah that are so dang good.

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  1. What great photos of your magical wedding and sealing day! You're a gem. I should do something like that with my YW. :)