Saturday, August 1, 2015

Happy Campers

Camping has always been something i love to do and a favorite pastime. I'm not sure why i like sleeping on a hard ground getting eaten alive by bugs, but i love it. There is just something about being outside and seeing the stars and feeling that solitude in nature that makes my heart smile.

I love my Idaho camping and being in them mountains and with family and friends and good camping food. It has always been a must on my summer to- do-list since i could remember. Ive been craving camping actually this whole summer long. I super super miss the smells of camping and mountains and outdoor and smoke and morning dew.

It just happened that a student was leaving the island recently and selling her tent. I bought it in a heartbeat with zero hesitation. It was the best $15 dollar investment of our married life. I set it up in our living room while Riley was working and waiting for him to get home from sales. I put a movie in there too and watched from inside the tent that night. The tent was set up in our apartment for a solid week.

It wasn't until this weekend that we busted it out and brought the tent out into the wild. It was so great. We found this little secret spot pretty close to our house with a public bathroom,  grills and a nice rope swing.

Hawaii camping is pretty dang great too. You get to hear the ocean close by rock you to sleep and be surrounded by green jungle life and the drive is much closer than a mountain top. I also love being in a tent with riley and having him so close and cuddling watching the full moon light up the night. I'm excited to go out again and again in our new little tent.

Its been a great weekend. Also,  Riley's parents and several of his siblings came to hawaii to go to school this semester.  They are all really great people and have spoiled us with Thai food and good times all weekend long. They are still here right now and so the fun hasn't ended yet. I feel really lucky though. . . I hear a lot of horror stories about in-laws but mine are beyond great and treat me good and make me love my husband more. We have done some great snorkeling, body surfing, eatting good food, and turtle bay visits. I'm excited to have his twin brothers and sisters here on the island and make a lot of memories and get closer to them these next semesters. 

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  1. What a great day! I love camping too. It's so magical being out in nature and separated and doing simple, beautiful things. Reading this makes me miss my newlywed beach days with Christopher!