Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Caden & Caitlin's Wedding

MY LITTLE BROTHER IS ALL MARRIED!! It's been a few months now, but pictures are back and I'm over here AWWWEE-ing over the big day again. So stoked for them and to have Caitlin as my sister now! I would just like to take a minute and get 100% credit for setting up these love birds too. 

I actually met Caitlin in Tokyo. She was one of my very first friends in Japan and I just love her and the entire Barton family SO MUCH! When she was applying for schools, I was applying for schools for Caden (who was still on a mission then) and I told her "she should both go to BYU-Idaho and get married to my brother" (those exact words. . .) I also told her she should write Caden on his mission, and after a little more convincing she wrote him!! Then they met a few months later they both went to BYU-Idaho & GOT MARRIED. Thank you, Thank you very much. . . they are going to name the first daughter after me ;) 

Their wedding day was seriously so good (besides Luke getting sick at the reception...). I think it would of been so hard to come from Japan and see my brother get married to a complete stranger, BUTTT instead it was so good being reunited with Caitlin and knowing her and her family and seeing them all together in the sealing room was the highlight of the day. SO SPECIAL.

Now a few pictures to document my historial heaven match-making abilities and these babes. 

They are so cute! 

This is the little activity/coloring book I made of them for the luncheon. 

 Our family is getting so big!

 Our classic sibling pose.
 How Luke felt on the wedding day. . . 

 The venue. 
 The cake Abbey made (Catlin's sister)!

 My sign design:

 Cupid in the middle. 

 I left right after this dance because Luke was literally puking so much and missed this bubble send- off.... but so dreamy.  
And they lived happily ever after!

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