Monday, October 15, 2018

Conference Weekend in the Woods

10/8/2018: We have had FOUR - 4-day weekends in a row!! It’s been glorious. On the last long weekend we decided we HAD to do something fun and get out of Tokyo.

We scanned google maps picked out a green mountain range, Riley found a sweet cabin and booked it and we spent the long weekend in the woods hiking, watching some general conference and eating lots of soba noodles. It was the best. Here is a million pictures from me following my boys through the woods. 

"mom, are we still walking??"

Japan has some really cool manholes.

This view = 10/10! You can't see in the photo but Tokyo is far in the distance. 

Persimmon Season! 

 Conference Set-up!
 The Cabin! 

 Japan toilets beat outhouse everyday.

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