Thursday, October 25, 2018


I only like posting the highlights and happy moments in life, but sometimes life is hard and raw. We lost a baby this week, it hurts emotionally and physically. 

I will come back to this post one day and write my experience more maybe, but I can't right now. I just want to acknowledge though this little human, and gift I got to carry for just over 8 weeks.

I never truly realized how strong the bond and attachment is to the baby in the womb, even in such a short time, and the magnitude of the loss after hearing the doctor say he can't find the heartbeat. 

I never knew how much love and loss you can have for a child you have never seen with earthly eyes.

I know things will be okay and make sense one day. . .  I know I am not alone and get strength from the many women/families that have been through similar experiences. I'm grateful for a Heavenly Father that never leaves me comfortless, and this little angel that touched my heart forever and makes me stronger and a better mom. 

"Sometimes love last a moment. Sometimes love last a lifetime. Sometimes a lifetime is a moment." 

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