Sunday, October 21, 2018

Monkey Business


This entire week Riley has been on a business trip in America and it's just been me and Luke in Japan. We are counting down the hours until he is home (17 hours)!  It's been pure monkey business around here.  We got a season pass to the aquarium, went to the zoo, played at our little park maybe one-thousand times and ate way too much saizeriya cheese pizza.  

We also came away from this week, appreciating Riley wayyy more and all he does to help out around the house and with Luke. (I honestly didn't even realize that I never take out the trash, unload the dish rack, or lock the doors). I can't wait to share a bed again and have our very best friend home. Just one more night! 

 Aquarium Lovin'
 The Zoo Crew (Heidi and Luke = future soul mates)

 Early morning exercise and nursery session. 
We shared this pizza more than one night this week. . . 
Anddddd almost cut this mullet off. . . but couldn't do it. 

It's been a good week with this sweetheart, and about to get even better!! 

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