Thursday, August 3, 2023


Lucy girl turned ONE August 3rd! Her birthday completely snuck up on us, it was the day after our big Scotland trip and the same day Avery and Meg arrived so was a bit anticlimactic but we did cake and icecream and sung to her, and thats about it haha. BUT oh man is Lucy adored and celebrated everyday. We just love this girl and it's been so fun having her in our home this year. She brings so many smiles to everyone with her big cheesy grin she gives to everyone and wave. She has so much spunk and personality and already predict her to be the most social of our kids. You can already tell she is tough and can hold her own against her brothers. She is a big snuggler and loves to cuddle up and lay her head on our shoulder when we carry her around which is my favorite. She beat her brothers to walking, even with a fractured leg and not much holds her back. She is busy and strong and into everything! Her favorite toy is my wallet/purse which she likes to take everything out and put in over and over again. WE LOVE LUCY! 

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