Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Switzerland- Day 2 North Face Trail

August 22, 2023: We spend the majority of this day hiking! Many day dreams had been filled with thoughts of hiking in the Swiss Alps and little did we know that our day dreams were selling it all short, it was even better in real life.  It was really fun hiking as a group and was so proud of Luke for walking so many miles on his own and my parents for coming along having no time to adjust to jet lag but hitting the ground strong helping with kids and playing along. The North Face Trail was so beautiful and loved looping up and down and around through the swiss country hearing cowbells ring in the distance.  It was so great to see my parents bond so fast with the kids and was really grateful for that and for them with all the help and good entertainment and yummy snacks. We played lots of i spy and "20 questions" guessing game and 'Rocky & Wally' stories along the trail. 

This has to be the world's best view from an outhouse. 

the start
the end

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