Sunday, August 6, 2023

Avery & Meg visit!


August 3rd- August 6th, 2023: Got Avery and Meg for a few days and it was the best! One of the highlights was getting out on the tennis court with Avery. It's been a long time coming so was really excited to play with him. We got in 2 sessions and thankfully the weather cooperated well enough to get some good playin in. I could have played for hours more with him. Was a blast hitting and chatting and getting smoked by his rocket backhand. When not playing tennis, we had a lot of fun too. From dinner at our favorite little Italian restaurant, Salvatorica, to a day in centrum and going out to Volendam, to dutch pancakes and a bike ride through the forrest, it was a blast. 
The kids especially loved Avery and Meg around and wondered where they went when they left. 

Endless nights of Yahtzee and stock market. 
Obligatory Albert Cuyp market chicken stop and pic for dad. 
Volendam was really fun. We got pretty wet but really enjoyed strolling this pretty little town. Not pictured where THE BEST poffertjes. They literally melted in our mouths and had the best, thick whipped cream to go with them. Also next door to the poffertjes stand was some delicious kibbeling. So between the little pancakes and the fish, our innards were definitely warmed and ended a great day. 

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