Sunday, August 20, 2023

Switzerland- Base Jumping

 August 22nd, 2023- We just happened to stumble across a base jump spot not far from our place in Murren and it was the coolest thing ever to watch. We were out for an evening stroll and got to the main street in Murren and stopped to look at view and then noticed there was a little trail going down. So we decided to just walk a couple minutes down it to see where it went. We noticed a guy not too far off from us, we thought he was just taking a pee in the bushes and then he saw us and said, 'do you wanna watch?' Thinking it was a strange thing for someone to say while taking a pee, we said no and the guy walked on. We walked a bit further and the trail ended and opened up to an amazing view. A few minutes later a group of 5 came running down and then stopped right in front of and began changing into their the suits. We then realized we just happened to have front row sits to the coolest thing ever. We also realized the guy wasnt inviting us to watch him pee but jump off the mountain. We stayed for about an hour and were lucky to see multiple groups come by and jump. It's the craziest thing ever to just watch a human jump and fall off the edge of a mountain. Was top notch entertainment for the evening. 

All the base jumpers that came through while we were there were super nice and friendly, chill people so Celena was quite chatty and buddy buddy with them all. 

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