Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Switzerland- Day 3 Iseltwald


August 23, 2023: After a day of lots of hiking, we decided to check out Iseltwald for a day of kayaking and lake swimming for a nice hiking break.  Iseltwald is this tiny fairy tale town on the southern shore of Lake Brienz. The water was turquoise and the weather was perfect, one of my favorite days of the whole trip and place that we would love to return. After lots of swimming and kayaking and we decided we would take a 'small stroll' to a waterfall. The stroll turned out to be a major multi-hour hike which also turned complicated into needing to be back in time for the last bus home.  Luke dug deep (i think we all did) and we picked up the pace and saw the waterfall. We even had enough time to jump in the water again before heading back to Murren. It was such a fun, fun day. Nothing beats the feeling of coming home so warn out after a day of being outside swimming and hiking. Take me back. 

The glorious post-hike dip. We were all pretty beat  so it felt amazing to wash the sweat away and get sore muscles into nature's cold water. 


Grandma watched Lucy while we kayaked together, and she enjoyed the makeup ;)

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