Monday, May 20, 2024

Cornwall- Mevagissey

May 4th- May 5th 2024: Our first stay in Cornwall was a charming little harbour town, Mevagissey. We stayed here for two nights and was our home base for exploring. We loved the vibes with the cute shops lining the streets, the old homes overlooking the water and the boats coming in and out. It felt like the perfect size of small enough to be nice and walkable but big enough that we were glad we had early morning strolls to ourselves. There is just something about a harbor that makes my heart so happy.

A hidden gem of Mevagissey was this secluded beach that was just a 10 minute from town. It was cool to see how the landscape changed from a port-town to a rugged, beautiful green coastline. If we had more time in Mevagissey we both thought it was the perfect spot to spend hours drawing and reading on the beach. 

Couple goals: these two were the only ones on the beach early in the morning. Hard to tell from the picture, but they're probably in their 80's, the guy has a cane even more making it even impressive he was able to make it down the steep steps.  It was pretty cool to see them together walking the beach, stopping and collecting shells and just spending time together out in nature. 

We made it to church! Pretty cool being the areas that Grandpa was in as a missionary. We had a great time at the Redruth ward. Felt like testimony meeting in an old folks home. The average age there was probably 75, it was so neat hearing about the life experiences of the members there. 

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