Sunday, May 12, 2024

Cotswolds: May 3 & 4 2024

On May 3rd, we woke up in the Cotswolds!  We stayed at this cute little airbnb (pictured below) in Stow on the Wold. We took a short evening flight from Amsterdam and drove 2 hours and arrived at bedtime. The kids had fallen asleep on the drive so we tucked them in and went to bed soon after. It was fun waking up to a whole new place to explore. Stow on the Wold was the perfect spot, it felt really central to the things we wanted to visit in the Cotswolds. We spent the next two days exploring these cute fairytale towns: Bourton-on-the-Water, Broadway, Snowshill, Castle Combe, and Bibury.

10th Century Inn dating back to 947 AD, England’s oldest Inn.

The wisteria flowers were in bloom and are on of my favorites, future house goals. I loved seeing them in so many beautiful houses. 

St. Edward's church was just a five minute walk away from our airbnb. The local legend says J.R.R. Tolkien visited this church and the entrance inspired his Door of Durin in the Lord of the Rings. 

Big fans of the this bakery (and of English breakfast/bakery goods in general). All the boys loved the pasties, sausages and learned what a breakfast bab was. 

One of the highlights with the kids was playing on the playground Snowshill. It was one of our favorite towns and the swingset was too close to these bushes so when I pushed them high enough they touched the top and they loved that and we got a lot of good laughs here. 

Future home goals.

Clay was scared of the furniture shadows the second night, and we showed him everything was safe and then later that evening I went to check on the boys, and found them like this both asleep. Luke keeping Clay safe, about melted my heart. 

always trying to get off the beaten path lol

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