Monday, July 8, 2024

Crackington Haven, Cornwall

May 6th, 2024- Our last night in Cornwall was in a place called Crackington Haven. We didn't know much about the location before booking, but was a decent price in a good place along our roadtrip back towards Bath and so went for it. We were so impressed and thought it was truly was a little haven. We had such a good time here and loved our little cottage we stayed in. We took a short hike to the beach from the cottage that was about a mile walk and really enjoyed the nature. The beach was fun and spent a couple hours playing and hiking around above and then walking the mile back to our cottage for the night. Riley had picked up some meat and eggs from a local shop and cooked us up and nice breakfast before heading on the road again which hit the spot. 

A lot of dandelion seeds harvested by Luke

It was so fun watching these two play together and really stands out when I think about our time here. Just seeing them laugh and chat together and run away when the big waves come for them. 

And of course Lucy and her flowers. 

Dreamy tennis courts. 
Crackington Haven Pub dinner- the only place to eat in town.

Enjoyed Golden Hour on our walk back to the place. 

Miss Lucy enjoyed the walk back while finishing off dinner leftovers-per usual. 

A day in the life of Luke & Clay. 

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