Sunday, June 23, 2024

Kynance Cove- Cornwall

May 5, 2024: After church we drove to Kynance Cove. It was a good drive down on the lizard peninsula in Cornwall.  Our friend in the UK recommended the place and so glad we checked it out. We loved our time here and was a really great place to picnic and explore all afternoon. 

We did a lot more picnics and grocery runs this trip and all have come to love the bread and cheese and meat on-the-go. Riley got some kinder eggs for a treat and the kids loved those here.  If I created a snapshot of our time here it would be sitting on the green hills overlooking the ocean with kids running around us and cheese and crackers and bread with lots of laughing. . , and maybe some wet feet and pants from us returning back during high tide to the car. 

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