Thursday, October 20, 2022

√Čtretat, France

Oct.19-20, 2022: Etretat is a magical place that's been on our bucketlist since seeing a picture of the white cliffs. It was surreal to be there in person seeing these chalk cliffs that arch out overlooking the ocean. This was our first stop during our France road-trip. We started the day early with a morning flight to Paris and then rented a car from airport and took off for the coast. 

After we arrived, we set off to see the cliffs and hike around! There's three arches that stretch out and tower over the ocean that you can hike along. We started the hike that went around an entire golf-course to reach the cliffs (which turned out to be the long way but had some nice fields and views that reminded Riley of World War II times). After a long walk we finally came to the sea and were rewarded with views of the cliffs. Luke hiked the whole thing by himself which was even more surprising to us given that we woke up at 4am to the start the day. A big plus of walking around an entire golf course to get to the cliffs is that Luke found a stray golf ball which he had the whole hike, rolling it down the hills and running after it. 

Luke's best friend on the hike, the aforementioned golf ball :) which also turned out to be our best friend given the hours of entertainment it provided Luke. 

A sneak peak of Etretat the town tucked away in between the cliffs. 

Standing on top of one of the cliffs in a crater left over from World War II. Turns out the town was occupied by the Germans and then was taken over by the Allies. Towards the end of the war, Etretat was used a hold-over to house troops on their way home. 

Morning beach session full pebbles and rocks which of course was a big hit with the boys. 
Our place for the night. 


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  1. Hi hi it’s Ashley! The coast line and cliffs look EXACTLY like the coast along northern CA! From San Francisco, if you up north on Hwy 1. (Everyone goes south) Just go north north north.