Friday, October 21, 2022

Honfleur, France

Oct.21st, 2022: The last stop on our road trip was Honfleur, and boy, this place was quite charming and magical. Would make the short-list of favorite towns we've been to in Europe. Just had the 'you could totally live here' vibe to it. It did help that it was October and not July, according to a local artist we talked to, the place just gets dumped on from cruise ship tourists all summer. It was hard to leave Honfleur and we all wished we had more time there. 

We love it when we time it right to get market day when we're in town. We wondered around this cute Saturday market humming 'There goes the baker with his tray like always...'

The boys choice of market goods.

One reason why we loved Honfleur was the amount of art shops and local artists. If we ever go back, we'd probably buy something from this place. Chatted with the artist for a bit and loved his work. 

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