Saturday, October 15, 2022

Love Letters to Lucy: Baby Blessing!

Oct. 16, 2022: 
During Grandma and Grandpa Stevenson's visit to Amsterdam we decided to do Lucy's baby blessing. It isn't very often you have family visiting and so wanted to do this together and share this special day with them.  We had a curveball though and Riley tested positive for the COVID virus so we decided not to go to church and remember it was a bit of a struggle trying to figure out a time and doing it from home wasn't the plan, but turned out to be great and one big advantage of doing it from home was doing it a time when my parents could join as well online.  

The thing that actually stands out about the blessing was Lucy just SO HAPPY smiling up at Riley as he gave the sweet blessing. She was so awake and alert and it was as if she could really understand the words and beautiful blessing prayer given by her dad. She just looked up at him so intently the entire time. I feel bad I can't remember any of the words and didn't record it. . . so decided to text my mom (grandma moncur) and see what she remembers and she remembered the same thing about Lucy being so happy and she wrote this and shared her testimony:

". . . She was so calm. And I know others from the other side were present. For sure my dad. - Lucy’s great grandfather.  I can always count on him being there because before he passed from this life - he promised our family he would be at every family ordinance. I have always believed that he has been present as I received a special witness in the temple from Heavenly Father that he is there. So now I not only believe but I can testify and know that he is there as well as other loved ones.  I think Lucy in all her innocence could either see them or feel their presence.  I don’t remember the words Riley spoke.  But I do remember the feelings I felt.  And Riley gave a beautiful and thoughtful blessing. I do remember that.  Your family looked so beautiful that day in your home."

I thought that was so neat and wanted to include those words. It was a great day, and we are so blessed to have Lucy in our home and share the day with grandparents here and online and on the other side.

How Luke really feels about pictures....

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