Thursday, October 20, 2022

Mont Saint-Michel

Next stop on our France roadtrip was Mont Saint-Michel!  This was the first thing we actually booked, just after our flights was a night here. If we have learned anything in our travels. . . It’s the real magic of a place happens early morning or night, when the tour buses are all gone and things become still and you get the place to yourself. And this place had quite the fairytale magic: an abbey built on an island surrounded by water. 

We loved our day on Mont Saint-Michel. The thing that stands out most is our morning walk around the entire abbey. It was low tide so the boys loved playing in the sand, getting stuck in the mud and walking around the outside taking in the views of Mont Saint-Michel and scenes of the surrounding landscape. 
You cant tell from the pictures but these rocks were incredibly slippery and slick surround by very thick, un-passable mud which made it a bit challenging helping Luke while also making sure not to fall with Lucy.  We did have a Good Samaritan come to the rescue, a studly older Frenchmen saw Luke struggling, so he turned back and gave Luke a piggy-back ride out of the slippery rocks and mud. 

Our sunrise spot. 

The best mates 

This little one-room chapel gave us Count of Monte Cristo vibes. Pretty fun to imagine what it must of been like back in the day, old time sailors getting in their last worship and prayers in before setting off on an unknown adventure. 

A better view of how slippery and muddy this section was. Grateful for the studly Frenchman and for the family memories made :) 

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