Sunday, October 16, 2022

Grandma & Grandpa Stevenson Visit!

Oct 5th- 18th: We were so excited to have Grandma and Grandpa come visit us. Covid robbed them of a trip to see us in Tokyo so it was really the first time ever that we were getting to host them and show them around. I also timed up my paternity leave to start the day they got here so it was perfect timing and all ready to play. 

Took a super fun over night trip into Belgium to explore beautiful Brugge and also made a quick stop into Ghent before driving back home. This is a trip that I'll cherish forever. Cant really remember to many other times I've had with my parents just being the three of us. I'll always remember walking Brugge with them, eating frites, checking out tapestry and laughing at Monty Python and the Holy Grail in our full-apartment suite that we lucked into to. 

Finally got to hit the tennis courts with my dad, also a lifetime memory made. I was a late bloomer getting into tennis, so we had a lot of catching up to do. Lucked out with beautiful weather days on a pristine clay court, hitting balls. Also, got some much needed serving coaching which has helped me a lot. I now think of my dad, every time when i go to serve, bouncing the ball three times and hearing him telling to take my time, be in control and own the serve. 
Had a really nice misty ride into the forrest for Dutch pancakes. Hard to tell which one was better, the delicious pancakes or the ride through the green wonderland of the Bos. But Clay's vote might be for his new bakfiets riding partner, Grandma :) 
Full biker gang. 

Also a highlight was getting to do Lucy's baby blessing. Living so far away from family, makes it extra special to have them for these special moments. 
Took advantage of Grandpa's skills while he was in town for some next-level pumpkin carving. 

Luke was very excited to show Grandpa a true Amsterdam activity: magnet fishing for rusty treasures out of the canal.

Crystal clear blue skies for our Zaanse Schaans day. 

Not pictured: crazy goats butting heads that provided quality entertainment. 
Exploring more Amsterdam gems. 

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  1. Ash-a-roo: Hahaha, the crazy goats entertaining everyonešŸ¤£ Look at those cute lil’ windmills!šŸ˜ err….big windmills up-close most likely.