Sunday, October 23, 2022

Paris, France

October 22nd, 23rd 2022: We spend the end of our trip in Paris! We studied a bit about the Eiffel Tower before our trip so seeing that in person with the boys really stands out and made the city more memorable for them. It was the end of an action-packed week here and finally made it after a 3 hour drive and a massive train delay that caused us to miss our Orsay time so needless to say the travel fatigue was definitely setting in but we still really enjoyed our day and a half in Paris. Enjoyed some nice Sunday afternoon walks down all the picturesque Parisian streets and taking in the city life. 

Luke was really into the Eiffel tower and was really excited to go see it so that made it all extra fun. 

The Notre Dame Cathedral, still unfortunately closed but still really impressive. 

In the end, the thing that captured Luke's heart wasn't the Eiffel but Ramen. We found out one of our favorite ramen chains in Tokyo was here in Paris and our little Tokyo boy was so excited. Had fun busting out our chopstick skills again and according to Luke the ramen lived up to the memory and did not disappoint (although Dad would say otherwise). 

Hehehe. We saw a 13 year old boy cracking up at this sign, talking a selfie, naturally we had to follow suit and get a tampon zone pic. 
Obligatory merry-go-round for the boys, as a reward for being hauled around by mom and dad for the week. 

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